Enabled is an award winning digital innovation firm.

Our aim is to help our client innovate and grow by helping them take advantage of new and emerging digital technologies.

Innovation & Exploration

To deliver our clients the right outcome, Enabled seeks to understand their opportunity through three overlapping lenses.

  • Human

    We believe that creating a digital innovation that delights and inspires requires a deeply human centric starting point.

  • Technology

    A robust evaluation of the technical options that can realise this innovation is the second lens.

  • Business

    Understanding whether a client or market can support the innovation with appropriate resources is the final lens.

Enabled recognises that an innovative solution is most successful with the right overlap of outcomes identified by these three lenses. For example a technically sound innovation with strong business objectives may not become transformative (or become sticky) if the End User's needs were not carefully considered.

We believe that creating a digital innovation that delights and inspires requires a deeply human centric starting point.

Jobs To Be Done

A key philosophy that Enabled uses is called 'Jobs To be Done'. The idea is that a person employs a technology to accomplish a particular job. The trick is this Job is not necessarily what you can observe without additional investigation.

Drill A Hole

When a friend asks to borrow a drill you might ask them what job they are trying to accomplish. They are likely to explain the job is to drill a hole.

The Job

However, asking them why they desire a hole uncovers they would like to hang a picture. The actual job for the drill is not to make a hole but to hang a picture.

Solving the Job

Knowing this important detail, you could skip the drill entirely and hand them a modern sticky wall hook. Utilising the 'Jobs To Be Done' principle considers not what a person is doing, but what they are trying to achieve.

Seamless Experience

Adapting this mindset allows Enabled to listen to our clients and their customers to ensure that technology gets out of the way, blending seamlessly into the experience.

Lets Chat

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Our Innovation Process

As an innovation firm we start deeper than most digital agencies. This deep diving requires strong partnership with our clients. To assist this we have developed an innovation cycle that we use with our clients.


The Exploration side sharpens our understanding of the human, technology and business factors. Within Exploration there are three sub components and each is backed by a suite of tools to assist in the process.

  • Discovery

    Time with clients, their customers and within the industry at large to discover needs, opportunities and pain points.

  • Concept

    Early consideration into what form the innovation may take without putting limitations on what's possible. This may include sketches, wireframes, prototypes & demos.

  • Viability

    Bringing everything together to create a complete specifications on what is to be developed.


On the Development side we take the specification from the Exploration side and take this through the following stages:

  • Design

    Including User Experience, Graphical Design and User Interface Design.

  • Develop

    Coding the website, app or device plus our Quality Assurance process.

  • Evaluate

    We assess the project to see if it does the jobs it's meant to. If not, another round may be needed.

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